Our Process

Getting new countertops is easy. Follow these steps and we will help you complete your countertops fast, efficiently, and beautifully.

1. Project Scope

The first order of business is to get clarity on what you are looking for in countertops.

How your job turns out is up to you. Do you want a kitchen that impresses your friends when they come over? Do you want fairytale castle bathrooms, an industrial-looking laundry room, or are you just looking to replace countertops that make your house feel old? If you have cabinet plans this is the best time to send them.

Your sales representative is here to help you find countertops that fit your goals.

2. Select Materials

After we have a clear idea of what you need, the next step is to select your stone. Come take a look at our showroom for endless inspiration ideas.

Granite, Quartz, Marble, Quartzite, we are here to help you find exactly which suits your needs. Granite vs. Quartz? We will give you the pros and cons. We will find Natural stones that fit your color pallet and help you finally get rid of your laminate or Formica.

This is where we help you bring out your inner interior designer and find the perfect material for your home.

3. Focus on Details

Now that you have found a material—or a few—that you love it is time to customize.

Have you thought about the backsplash or edges? How about sinks and faucets? All of our jobs are 100% custom, so what you say goes. We will let you know what’s popular, what’s cheapest, and what will make people say wow.

The more you let us know at the beginning the less you will have to worry about.

4. Quote & Template

Now that you have an idea—or a few—of what you want, you are ready to look at some quotes.

We will email you a quote of how much your material, fabrication, and installation will cost you. Your sales representative will answer any questions you might have before you are ready to pay a deposit. As soon as your deposit is in we will send out our templater, who will measure your cabinets. We use laser measurement tools so that whether your cabinets are brand new or 30 years old the counter will be an exact fit.

The template process is quick and easy. Let your template technician know any changes you would like to make or details you would like to see.

5. Install

The final step. Now it’s time to see everything come together.

We will let you know in advance when we plan on coming over. Our trained specialists will make sure every new counter is secure and looks beautiful. It is important that if this is a remodel that any plumbing you have connected to your sink is disconnected. We do offer tear-outs, so ask your sales representative about pricing.

And that is it your brand new countertops in. Get excited!

Beautiful Stone for Beautiful Homes.